4 Foods You Can Cook Using $emen,This Is A Real Thing, Even If It Seems Like ~Came~ Out Of Nowhere

In today’s edition of “Huh. So This Is A Thing”: Cooking…with $emen. Yes, you read that right. $emen, as in spam-carrying human 3j@cul@te, is, apparently, the next great ingredient for the adventurous chef. I’ll give you a moment to process this…OK.

Bay-area cookbook author Paul “Fotie” Photenhauer has published two books about recipes that use s3men. The first, Natural Harvest: A Collection of $emen-Based Recipes was released in 2008. (I almost wrote “came out in 2008,” but then that seemed too on-the-nose. Evidently, once you start writing about s3men-cooking, everything starts sounding dirty.) The description on the back of the book explains, Continue Reading On The Next Page



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