4 Foods You Can Cook Using $emen,This Is A Real Thing, Even If It Seems Like ~Came~ Out Of Nowhere

Photenhauer followed up Natural Harvest with $emenology: The $emen Bartender’s Handbook in 2013, because what $emen-laced meal would be complete without a $emen-y cocktail, right?

In an interview with SF Weekly, Photenhauer explains that he doesn’t put $emen in all his food, saying, “For me, it’s more of a fun twist to add to food … It adds a definite personal twist to it.” Anna Roth at SF Weekly spoke to an infectious disease specialist about the health implications of cooking with $emen;

He explained that certain STIs, including HIV and CMV (a form of herpes), could be transmitted through raw $emen, and added, “If the food is thoroughly cooked, well-cooked, to destroy any life forms in the $emen, like any viruses… that would be my first concern.” Photenhauer suggests that people shouldn’t cook with the 3j@culate of just anyone, remarking, “I would never eat or drink $emen, cooked or otherwise, from someone I wouldn’t be willing to have $ex with.” So, the more you know, right?

And on that note, here are some of Photenhauer’s recipes, for those of you who are…er, interested: Watch The Video On the Next Page



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