Alichapwa sawa sawa! Yellow Yellow Woman Turned To Patches Of Black And Blue By Her Beastly Husband On Christmas Eve (Photos)

Alichapwa sawa sawa! Yellow skin woman turned to patches of black and blue by her beastly husband on Christmas Eve (Photos)

Christmas and New Year celebrations meant nothing to her as she was nursing injuries inflected upon her by a man she used to called “sweetie”.

While everyone was celebrating Christmas, a yellow skin woman was being locked up in a room after she was beaten silly by her beastly baby daddy.

Ifeoma Okeke Ojiakor took to Facebook to narrate how her husband battered her on the Christmas Eve and locked her in a room for two days.

She explained that her husband accused her of spreading legs for a 16 year old male friend before he pounced on her and beat her with sticks, machete and a bottle.

The aftermath was catastrophic as Ojiakor’s body was left with bluish black lumps on the face and dents all over.

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