DEAL GONE BAD!!! Diamond Conned 25 Million Shillings In a Deal With Saida Karoli’s Manager..

Apparently Diamond’s management, Wasafi Classic Records (WCR) paid Saida Karoli’s manager Tsh 25 million/Kes 1.1 million with a promise that 25 percent of total revenue that “Salome” generates would go to Saida Karoli.

Diamond’s manager, Sallam Sharaf, last September posted a photo of Mzee Felician Mutakyawa, a representative of Saida Karoli, witnessing the signing of the deal that gave Diamond the rights to do a rendition of “Salome”.

But in an interview with KUTV, Saida Karoli disclosed that she gave Diamond her song for free as a way of showing solidarity with Bongo artists. Continue Reading On the Next Page



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