FORGET ABOUT STREPSILS, Here Is The Beer That Tastes Like A Woman’s V@g1na THAT HAS RUN OUT OF STOCK Immediately After It was Launched For Sale (photos)

The campaign, which launched on 24th March, promises to distill one lucky woman’s “allure, grace, glamour [and] instincts” into each bottle by infusing the beer with her own lactobacillus, an acidic microbe found in the kuma, allowing drinkers to sub a date with this real life woman for a refreshing beverage.

And there’ll be plenty of her to go around too, with up to 100,000 bottles in the production pipeline. The woman in question will be hand selected by Bottled Instinct’s producers, who go by the name The Order of Yoni (“yoni” is Sanskrit for kuma).

Further details are thin on the ground as the campaign is still in early days, and The Order is still looking for a producer to partner with.

Whether a prank, a PR stunt or a serious effort to make beer out of kumal bacteria, it’s a surprising phenomenon when women are actually drinking more beer than ever. A September 2015 survey by AB InBev found that 40 per cent of women choose beer as their top tipple, beating gin, cocktails and Prosecco to the top spot.Continue Reading On The Next Page



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