FORGET ABOUT STREPSILS, Here Is The Beer That Tastes Like A Woman’s V@g1na THAT HAS RUN OUT OF STOCK Immediately After It was Launched For Sale (photos)

Another more discerning drinker asks, “Do you check the model’s past?” “We know what you mean,” The Order responds gravely, before specifying that any women they work will be contractually prevented from engaging in sex work or adult acting. You can be sure those are the microbes of a modest woman.

According to Hunt and Morgan, your doctors and teachers are militants
Having raised just €11 at the time of writing, it appears there aren’t many sharing The Order’s views.

Whether the development of the actual beer turns out to be fact or fiction remains to be seen. But in the meantime, there are some much better campaigns that you could put your money towards.

Brewgooder, launched by two Edinburgh pals, are trying to launch a not-for-profit brewery that invests all of its gains into clean water projects. Two Fingers Brewing Co is raising money for Prostate Cancer UK.

Or go help this pub kitten who just had major surgery, to give it a more comfortable recovery.



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