Grossly Obese Woman Leaves Her Home For The 1st Time in 25 YEARS!

“They didn’t pay any heed to the family’s requests and, as a result, Iman’s visa was rejected.”

Iman´s family said she was born weighing 11 pounds and was diagnosed with elephantiasis but at the age of 11 she suffered a cerebral stroke that left her disabled, and unable to support her swelling weight and subsequently Iman became a prisoner in her own home.

 Dr. Lakdawala said that due to her heavy weight, they can’t bring her to India in a normal plane, so they are trying to arrange a private chartered flight instead.

The physician is planning to use – at first – a bariatric balloon to fill up part of Iman’s digestive tract because according to him they have to take special precautions in to ensure there are no problems in the lung or the risk of a blood clot.



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