MAFISI MKAE MBALI SANA!!! Reasons Why Prezzo and Michelle Yola’s Break-up Shouldn’t Be Taken Seriously

But I think this declaration should be taken with a grain of salt for two reasons 1) This is not the first time these guys have broken up and gotten back together. So judging from their history, there is a 90% chance that these two will get back together. So team Mafisi and groupies shouldn’t be sliding into Yola’s DM yet.

2) The couple is in a reality show, and we all know that ratings in such shows are driven by scandal, drama and sleaze. So this break-up could be just a ploy to gain ratings. Because people are often curious to see how a couple behaves after they break-up and what better way to see a couple’s after break-up drama than tuning in to the reality show they star in?



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