SHOCK AS the LIST Of People WHO FEEL THREATENED By Raila Odinga REVEALED, NOT the Ordinary Mwanainchi In Mt Kenya Region!!!

Raila has strongly supported business: There is no room for extralegal means of self-enrichment. He supports creating a transparent, fair and competitive environment for business. But these crooked businesspeople don’t want any of that. It’s not the water these sharks swim in.

Raila wants all civil servants barred from doing business with government so as to eliminate corruption and conflict of interest. He also wants civil servants to be well paid and professionalized. Those who benefit from corruption in the Civil Service don’t want this approach.

They know he has the goodwill of the majority and if elected the government system of operation will change for good – to serve the common mwananchi.

Raila wants every corner of Kenya to grow and have a sense of belonging.

He wants stronger devolution. He wants land reforms so that every Kenyan can equally and equitably benefit from land resources.Continue Reading on The Next Page



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