SHOCK AS the LIST Of People WHO FEEL THREATENED By Raila Odinga REVEALED, NOT the Ordinary Mwanainchi In Mt Kenya Region!!!

Land in Kenya is so expensive because of speculation. Those who buy large tracts of land do so not for productivity, but for purely speculative purposes. This affects livelihoods and makes it expensive to access land resources. Housing is also expensive because of speculation. Raila advocates change in land use and management for the benefit of the majority.

The Constitution protects legally acquired land, but not corruptly or illegally acquired land. Look at corruption: Who is crying loudest about being ‘targetted’? It is not the ordinary Miji Kenda, Kikuyu or Kalenjin. It is those in positions of influence who cannot explain how they gain their enormous wealth.

The coming elections are not about a tribe but a change in government, where we can have good leadership that addresses corruption, nepotism, tribalism and incompetence.



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