Utacheka Ujikojolee! Here Are The MOST Hilarious Latest Team Mafisi Proverbs

Team Mafisi is a name given to broke, ‘thirsty’ Kenyan men who salivate over anything in a skirt yet they cannot afford her.

Fisi is a Swahili word for a hyena. Hyenas are any feliform carnivoran mammals of the family Hyaenidae with only four extant species. They are known to drive off larger predators, like lions, from their kills, despite having a reputation in popular culture for being cowardly. Hyenas are primarily nocturnal animals so are Team Mafisi.

Well, just like Mugabe quotes, Team Mafisi also have their own proverbs/wise sayings and they are hilarious. These sayings define a typical Kenyan man or rather fisi and here are some of them: Continue Reading On the Next Page



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