‘You Are CURSED, You’ll Die Poor!’ Angry Kenyan Man Tells Bishop Kiuna’s Church Members

“You left your mother and father back home still living in trash, doing donkey’s work and skipping some meals. You came to Nairobi and started calling a pastor dad and mum.
Now they’ve bought a jet, built mansions, travels everywhere and lacks nothing while your mother who brought you up, paid for your education and prayed for you is languishing in poverty. You’ve left yourself with nothing, Even when your parents die, you alone will not afford their coffin. You’ll ask for our support when you’ve been ‘planting seeds’ worth thousands of money.

“Believe me. Even if you lot in poverty, those pastors will never support you. They’re contented. All they’ll do is probably prophesy fake blessings. You’ll die poor.
Rise up from spiritual deception. Stop living a lie.
You are cursed.’



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